Website Makeover: Elizabeth Rundquist

A new look for Elizabeth Rundquist

The Final Result

"The natural world creeps into my work more and more, as I ponder my place in it. I am constantly observing, seeing what goes on around me, studying both human behavior and deer in the back woods. I delight in the mixing of colors; and it becomes a meditative process. As I associate color with feeling, pick up a brush, lay down some paint, the game begins."

Elizabeth Rundquist's intriguing and searching artwork is full of life and mystery. When she contacted us to ask for an upgrade on her site, we were glad to oblige. She was using one of our oldest templates, which is not mobile-friendly. We upgraded her to one of our newer themes, and we chose colors that complement elements of her work. We also chose a gallery display that showcases the art in a more immediate manner.

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