Ileana Collazo
I learned all I needed about creating art as a young girl in my grandmother's garden - where I sat doing what as an adult I call meditating - that quiet spot became my temple. Many years passed before I began to birth the creations conceived in my early daydreams. I started to write fiction and poetry, and then my mind exploded into a galaxy of colors, shapes, and movement. I started painting (on surfaces, digitally, and then introduced digital photography into my artistic spectrum). Creating dream worlds that excite observers to travel mesmerized through my work surfaces has become one of my fundamental life purposes. My art is representative of the twists and turns we take in the course of our daily lives, and of the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us. Some artists stick to one subject, but I find life to be too rich in content for me to do that; that said, I invite you to explore the full scope of my subject matter. My work is my gift to the world, and to everyone who falls in love with it. I was born in Cuba and have lived in Spain, New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. I now reside in Miami, Florida with my artist husband Miguel Collazo, four dogs, and cats in the yard. "Love of Philanthropy," my philanthropic chapter, supports nonprofit organizations and institutions through art sales revenue donations.