Lori Remmel: artist

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Reinvented Landscape: Best Drive

Lori Remmel: artist Lori Remmel: artist


Reinvented Landscape Sometimes the world is so beautiful and terrifying that I want to preserve it in me forever. I want to ingest it and own it and have it; control it. I’m greedy for it. My series, Reinventing Landscape is about seeing the world anew. It’s about logging off and abandoning technology in order to see things with new eyes. It’s about everything significant and insignificant all at once. It explores the give and take between man and environment and man’s desire to control or tame. Man shapes nature and nature shapes man. These works are toner transfers of my own photography paired with images recorded by the Hubble telescope, often many layers visible at once. They are very smooth, tactile tapestries, meant to float off of the wall, as if suspended in space. The act of me manipulating fragmented photographs of my world, mimics, on a smaller scale, what man does to our environments.
15.00" h x 13.00" w x 2.00" d
Weight: 0.50 lb
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