Website Makeover: Tracy Lynn Pristas

A new look for Tracy Lynn Pristas

The Final Product


Tracy Lynn Pristas paints large-scale abstract landscapes, oil and cold wax abstracts, mixed media acrylics, and monotypes. She derives her visual information and enthusiasm from nature, then departs into abstraction.  She is very successful as an artist and an entrepreneur, and her work appears in many hospitals, health centers, and private collections. You might have seen Pristas’s paintings on the Lifetime Television hit series “Drop Dead Diva,” which ran for four seasons. Movie aficionados may have spotted some Pristas paintings in the Jennifer Aniston-Vince Vaughn movie “The Break-Up.” Her work is bold and vibrant and deserves to take center stage, so we updated her site to one of our newest templates, which really showcases each image. We chose the Panorama gallery display setting, and the option to jump straight into the first gallery, so that Pristas' strong images could do the work of luring viewers further into the site. We also took some of the clutter from the home page, because we thought it detracted from the images themselves. Pristas has plenty of informative, descriptive text on her About page and in the description of each piece, so there are still a lot of keywords to attract Search Engine Traffic.

If you would like a website makeover, please contact [email protected]


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