Grand Prize
Oda & King
Oda & King

Oda and Kit King are a husband and wife oil painting duo, known for their edgy hyperrealistic portraits. With a focus on light manipulation and how this affects the viewers emotional response to an image, they are able to capture a fleeting moment in time with a heightened sense of reality.

An odaking painting evokes a deep sense of emotion, influenced not only from an in - depth tangibility executed through texture and a high level of detail, but jointly with a sincere passionate portrayal of contemporary art born through

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The Finalists
Second Place
Will Hubscher

"When the creative spirit of one's soul is denied, the soul becomes prey to stress, chaos, and confusion.

Through my own artistic development, I have come to the awareness that deep within each of us exists talent and a need to express it. I find uniqueness in everyday things and a mystery and sensuality that everyone has to offer. It is time to explore it."

Third Place
Jaime Erin Johnson

Aligning with the tradition of Southern Gothic, Jaime Johnson’s Untamed articulates humankind's capacity to decay as a marker of our identity.

Fourth Place
David Booth

Booth draws inspiration from the attitude applied to a period in Germany pre-World War 2, ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ meaning ‘New Objectivity’ that dealt with figuration and clean lines within fragmented compositions and intimate studies of persons as people.

Honorable Mentions

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